Finished the discord in roughly 24 hours, very fast and quick. The creator was very friendly and was willing to add any bots, you just got to ask. Even during our conversation he suggested some really cool bots and channels. I would rate the service 5/5. Would order again!



Nick is the only configuration expert I trust. He will work many hours a day to get it done and has always got it done on time. I have had 3 setups done by him. 10/10 recommend using his services.



Nick is the fastest and most efficient config expert. He went above and beyond to make my perfect server



Nick is by far the most reliable, dedicated, fastest, experienced, best priced, configurator I have ever done business with. He will even go the extra mile when doing his configurations for you. Super nice, super fast, super awesome! I don't typically do vouches either, but for Nick I could not not do one!

For reference our server IP is, he created /rankup
Check it out!



Nick is by far the best and most reliable configurator out there, I have been working with him he’s super nice and does the job the way you would ask. I’ve dealt with a couple configurator but I personally felt nick was the best out of all. I definitely recommend him.



Amazing Dev, did it very fast and willing to help out with other issues if needed. 10/10 



Nick is one of the most amazing configurator I've seen. He did everything fast, and quickly and helped out a lot. He did it so fast, and he was awesome at his job. He knew what he was doing and he did it fast. We even had a problem with the hosting, the server got lost. And he helped us out, and fix everything. 10/10 👍

Copious B.


Going above and beyond expectation would be an understatement. I was initially skeptical and hesitant to pay upfront, but Nick was incredibly polite in giving advice and answering any questions I had before executing the transaction. Upon receipt of payment, Nick immediately got to work. Throughout the duration of the project, Nick consistently demonstrated a priority for quality of service. He was quick to respond to questions and concerns, added features and improvements that I had not even heard of, and took every measure to ensure my server’s configuration met professional standards, all while working fast and effectively. Nick even dedicated his personal device for several hours to pre-generate world chunks for my survival server.
Only a fool would pass on Niccckk’s exceptional configuration services.



Nick is really the best guy you can have to configure your server.
He spends much of his time to help you, even if you didn't buy something from him.
I really recommended him 11/10, he is great, always glad to help and super helpful.
Also the gui's from him are really amazing.
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


Just see it yourself!

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