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Hey there! My name is Nick and I am an experienced configurator, server setuper, and server owner! I am from the United States of America and I am currently in High School. I do this as a hobby, and I have been doing this for around two years. 

My services


This includes (but is not limited to): Scoreboards, tab lists, chat setup, crates setup, GUI Setup (with DeluxeMenus), MOTDs, holograms, Citizens, DiscordSRV setup, ItemJoin Setup, votifier setup, EssentialsX, AlonsoTags, AdvancedBan, ItemsAdder configuration, TitleManager configs, and a lot more.

Minecraft Server Setup

I am very experienced in BungeeCord network setups. I can create Survival, Towny, SkyWars, KitPVP, and Hub Setups at the moment. I look to expand this in the future. A server setup will include all things you request! Price will be determined by the complexity of the setup.


Texturing is specifically for textures such as custom GUI textures, rank prefix textures, tag textures, and other cosmetic textures in resource packs, such as click buttons, NPC badges, etc.

Teal Hub

Teal hub is one of my products, the main features are:

- Custom GUI's!
- Custom Prefixes!
- Unique NPC's!
- A profile system!

Other features:
Parkour, Emoji's, Tab, Scoreboard, Staff System, Parties, Anti-bot, Playtime and much more!
Be sure to check it out on!

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