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Been in the freelancing bizz for a couple years, working on server setups, graphic design, and a lot more!






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To request a commission, join my discord and create a new ticket under the commissions category. Provide all necessary information related to the commission such as deadline, needed features, etc.


Starting prices of all categories of commissions. 

Starting from: $4.99
  • This includes (but is not limited to): Scoreboards, tab lists, chat setup, crates setup, GUI Setup (with DeluxeMenus), MOTDs, holograms, Citizens, DiscordSRV setup, ItemJoin Setup, votifier setup, EssentialsX, AlonsoTags, AdvancedBan, ItemsAdder configuration, TitleManager configs, and a lot more.
Graphic Design
Starting from: $4.99
  • Includes banners, thread designs, posters, GUI graphics, and a lot more! For Minecraft, this includes: custom GUI textures, rank prefix textures, tag textures, and other cosmetic textures in resource packs, such as click buttons, NPC badges, etc.
Server Setup
Starting from: $24.99
  • I am very experienced in BungeeCord network setups. I can create Survival, Towny, SkyWars, Bedwars, any minigame, KitPVP, and Hub Setups at the moment. I look to expand this in the future. A server setup will include all things you request! Price will be determined by the complexity of the setup.


I have been in the server industry for well over five years. I have dealt with many many configurators. Nick is by far the most reliable, dedicated, fastest, experienced, best priced, configurator I have ever done business with. He will even go the extra mile when doing his configurations for you. Super nice, super fast, super awesome! I don't typically do vouches either, but for Nick I could not not do one! I am the owner of Valatic we have about 3,500 members on Discord. Valatic will always be going to Nick for future configuration setups. If your looking for someone to do your configuration and then some, Nicky is your guy.
Going above and beyond expectation would be an understatement. I was initially skeptical and hesitant to pay upfront, but Nick was incredibly polite in giving advice and answering any questions I had before executing the transaction. Upon receipt of payment, Nick immediately got to work. Throughout the duration of the project, Nick consistently demonstrated a priority for quality of service. He was quick to respond to questions and concerns, added features and improvements that I had not even heard of, and took every measure to ensure my server’s configuration met professional standards, all while working fast and effectively.
Copious Bananas
Nick is one of the most amazing configurator I've seen. He did everything fast, and quickly and helped out a lot. He did it so fast, and he was awesome at his job. He knew what he was doing and he did it fast. We even had a problem with the hosting, the server got lost. And he helped us out, and fix everything.

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